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Comedians often give simple solutions to complex problems. One of my favorite comedians, Maria Bamford, recently got a restraining order against President Trump. When I heard this, I thought it was funny and ingenious. We should all get a restraining order against Trump. Why a restraining order? Well, he stole something from us … an election. Hilary got the popular vote. By the way that fact really bothers Trump. Trump knows he should not be president. When someone has stolen something from you, I do believe a restraining order is justified. Comedians really do add so much to our lives … they look at reality a little different than most. They give us a different perspective, and I find this valuable. You really can learn a lot about life through the eyes of a comedian.

Comedians say what others are afraid to say. They bring important topics to light, and they do it with a laugh and smile that helps us to process the information. Maria Bamford took a big societal problem, the Trump presidency, and reduced it to a digestible solution to get rid of him … get a restraining order against him.
Another comedian by the name of Joe Wong, who has a show in China called ‘Is it true’, had a guest appearance on the Colbert Show, and talked about the wall that Trump wanted to build on the Mexico border. Joe Wong joked that he is from China and he knows a lot about walls, and they do not work … walls just become a tourist attraction. There was so much debate over the building of Trump’s wall. It became a serious issue regarding immigration, but Joe took this serious issue and boiled it down to walls do not work; and he did it in a funny manner … it is true walls do not work!

Sam Morrill, who is an incredibly talented comedian, brought up the issue of abortion in a subtle and funny. Sam talked about how his sister called having a baby a miracle. Sam then said that having a baby was not so much a miracle. Winning the lottery is a miracle, but when you win the lottery you do not say ‘should we keep it’. Sam takes the complicated issue of abortion and boils it down to something we can process and laugh about.

Another funny Sam Morrill moment was when he brought up the topic of child abuse. Child abuse is no laughing matter but the real miracle here was that Sam was able to make it laughable. Sam was talking about hipster dads and how they discipline their kids … Sam observed a hipster dad telling his son that if he did not behave he could no longer have any more smoothie; and Sam commented ‘ is that where we are at? We used to beat our kids, but now the punishment is no smoothie.’ Again, a serious topic made laughable. We have changed as a society … no longer is it acceptable to beat your kids as a form of discipline.

A comedian by the name of Roy Wood Jr. brings up the fact that times have changed as well. Women are multifaceted. Roy talks about the fact that it is no longer expected that women are the homemakers. As long as you can read, we can figure out the cookbook together, Roy jokes. Women have come a long way and have more options in life. It is no longer necessary to marry for finances, we can marry for love. Sam Morrill also talks about feminism and how much we have changed in recent years. Sam jokes about the Me Too movement, which contributed a lot to the women’s movement. Sam brings up the topic of rape, and amazingly enough makes it funny … he talks about it is all about consent. Consent is amazing, Sam says … in fact consent is better than the actual sex. Sometimes, Sam adds, he will get a women’s consent and go home and masturbate. Sam Morrill makes light of rape and does it in a funny acceptable way that we can all laugh about.

Comedians give us so much. And with the recent pandemic of COVID-19 I am worried that the 14,000 comedians in the United States will not be able to support themselves. Comedians support themselves by going on the road and doing stand-up, but now with COVID how are they going to do that? These are troubling times. Comedians are smart though … they will find a way and they will make is funny. So many people have dies during this pandemic, but somehow comedians will make it funny. We need comedians. We need each other. Try and laugh today by going on YouTube and watching some stand-up.